My 4 month follow-up is tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day I see my beloved oncologist for my first follow-up appointment. This is the appointment where she asks me how I’ve been doing for the last couple months, if I’ve had any pain, concerns, etc. etc. By following other bloggers I’ve come to see the anxiety that sets in the days leading up to this appointment. Lucky for me, I’ve been preoccupied with my daughter. Well, I shouldn’t say lucky for me because honestly, I hate seeing her sick. She’s been fighting an upper respiratory infection since Friday night. Did I mention that the weather here in Florida has been nothing short of gorgeous and she’s felt so ill that neither one of us have enjoyed it?? We’ve been monitoring her temp 24/7 and now she has a cough that makes me hurt just hearing it. So the anxiety leading up to this appointment has been replaced with taking care of Gianna and 3 doctor appointments. Once of these appointments was for me and my foobs. I got another 70cc’s and I think I may have reached my max or close to it. The tissue expanders are so hard and today my chest felt really tight and uncomfortable. I’ve missed 2 days of work already and will have to miss another 1/2 day for my appt tomorrow.

A lot of people ask me if I got scanned after surgery to see if there are any cancer cells left in my body. The answer is “no” and I pray that I will never have to get scanned again. They only scan me if I’m symptomatic. In other words, if I’m feeling pain somewhere in my body. I’ve started running again, which feels awesome and I’ll be signing up for my first race in May.  Please pray for a boring and uneventful appointment tomorrow, as that means that all is well and I can continue to work on getting my life back to normal.  My family has been a tremendous part in that journey and going through something like a cancer diagnosis is something that no one wants to go through alone. In one of my first posts I said something about better things on the other side of this…..and those “things” are slowly becoming visible.

I’d rather save all my bragging about my husband for my blog versus Facebook. I don’t think FB is the forum for that anyway and since this is somewhat like my diary he definitely deserves a few lines of recognition. We already had such a strong history and passionate relationship, but going through this has put us in a whole other category that I can’t even explain. I thank God everyday for bringing us together. As many of you out there can relate…..without our amazing husbands our journey would be just that much more difficult. I’m 31 and since I was 15 years old he’s been one of my best friends. It makes days like tomorrow a little easier to face when you know the strength of the man you have standing beside you.

Like I said, I pray for a boring and uneventful follow-up tomorrow and I’ll be sure to post about it by the weekend. Until then….prayers please!!!


6 thoughts on “My 4 month follow-up is tomorrow

  1. ierol says:

    I looked into disability too and I was told I don’t qualify. I stopped pursuing it. I felt silly trying to get it but then again I did not work for months!!! My mom is the one who pushed me to try. Oh well I thought. But then I just saw your post. Maybe I should have tried more. What’s the update on this?? Keep us posted

  2. CQ says:

    My pryers are with you day and night every minute every second, te amo from here to the moon and back…… God is good keep holding his hand do not let go of Him.

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