I’m “free”

The ocean is peace.

The ocean is peace.

My first follow-up with my Oncologist was today. I thought my appointment last week was going to be “that” appt but, it was just a follow-up for a prior appt. Seriously, with so many appointments its hard to keep them straight. Anyways, she told me again that I was in the “good group”, keep doing what your doing, excercise, take your vitamin D and keep your sugars low. She told me….your just fine. Cancer-free.

Relief. Thankfulness. Gratefulness. Although she and my surgeon both told me this after my bmx, the fact that she said it again at my 4-month follow-up, means more. I need to hear that for the next year, 5 and even 10 years from now. I WILL hear that. I’ve read that some doctors don’t even use the words “cancer free”. Some will argue that you can never truly know. I will argue that I am.

Thank you Lord. Please heal those sisters that I’ve meet along this journey who are longing to hear those words. Even to hear NED or remission. HE knows who those people are in my life. I’ve met many along this journey and some I’ve developed a closer relationship to. To you I say, You’re going to kick the Sh*t out of this!


8 thoughts on “I’m “free”

  1. Mari Hudson says:

    Congratulations my sweet beautiful cousin!!! God is so good!!! You strength , FAITH, and love from family and friends surely helped! So happy for you!!! Love you very much!!

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