A moment in time



I can finally put all my hair up. I was so excited that I posted this pic on Instagram!

I can finally put all my hair up. I was so excited that I posted this pic on Instagram!

It’s been awhile since I last posted an update. I’m not trying to make this a detailed post on the past 3 months, but rather to post an entry that I wrote over a year ago. However, I do owe my friends and family at least a little progress update 🙂

My last surgery (exchange) was June 18, followed by almost 4-weeks off of work. They were fantastic. I spent every single day with Gianna making Summer memories. On August 14 I finally got the OK to resume ALL normal activities-jumping, running, picking up Gianna, lifting. I’m focusing on running and building my upper body strength. I was never one who could do 10 push-ups with ease and now I can barely do 2! I feel good and I’m grateful to be where I’m at right now.

So here’s the entry that I found. Reading it reminds me how much I was really going through. Going through cancer had so many emotional moments and circumstances from a chemo infusion and wearing a scarf for the first time to a sweet a card that my Mom brought me to lift my spirits.

It is just a moment in time.

My third dance with the devil.

The “red devil” that is. I never wanted to attend this prom anyway, but here I am. It’s a very long dance but you bet your sweet booty I’m all fitted up and glam for the occasion. Kim-if you’re reading this….you are so right. Chemo diva. 🙂 The red devil is nickname of the type of chemo that is being slowly administered in my body every 2 weeks. So if that tells ya a lot. I’m almost half-way done with my treatments…yeah! I gotta tell ya, I thought I would’ve been in a peachy mood that morning and instead I was so emotional and not wanting to even go. Sometimes kicking cancer’s ass kicks my ass! But I want to share how this day slowly got better as it went on. 1-My Mom drove me to my appointment and we had a nice talk. I cried, she cried, it was a good mini therapy session. Mom’s always make things better no matter what age you are. 2-Then, the person who took my blood and did the honors of putting the first hole in my chest for the day happened to be a good-looking guy who just happened to be Cuban. Although he didn’t look like it all. We talked and shared some common stories about people who talk Spanish in front of us thinking we have no clue what they are saying. Then we respond with something Spanish only too see pure embarrassment across their shamed face. Seriously, right now its the little things that I have to take and make them grande! 3-The physician couldn’t even feel the tumor so praise the Lord Jesus for that! I really like her and we seem to have pretty similar personalities. My Mom was with me so she got to speak to her and ask the questions she’s been wanting to ask since the beginning of this whole deal. She also calmed my Mom’s fears that me going in the grocery story is not the worse thing I can do. Yes, she totally tripped out on me b/c I had to run in and grab something. Seriously, I didn’t even handle the cart or basket. AND it was like 10 days after my last chemo session. 4-Justin brought Gianna up to the hospital to see me. He also thought it would be good for her to see other people like me (port, no hair…you get the pic). So me, Justin, Gianna and my Mom had a nice 20 min hanging out in the lobby. Gianna brought my “monkey” that Justin won me sometime around Valentine’s Day. 4-My BFF sat with me during the dance with the devil. The Infusion last about 2 1/2 hours but it seems like it went fast. Then we called our other BFF and had her on speaker phone so it was like we were all 3 there. To Mandy + Mel…..luv luv luv you. 5- I wore a scarf in public for the first time!!! The scarf I was sportin was picked out by mi madre at the store inside of the hospital. Thanks Mom! Today was a little less crummy than yesterday. But I was working from home, so it kept my mind pretty occupied. My Mom also came over to clean and gave me an uplifting card with a pic that I’ve never seen! Its my cousin Michael and I in TJ when we were like 4 or 5….how cute is this pic! Then in the evening was time for the shot to build up my white blood cells. When we got home dinner was brought to us by Ana + James. THANK YOU GUYS! It was yummy. I can’t even tell you how moved I am by my co-workers, but deserves its own post I can’t do it justice on this right now. That’s all I have my friends.

Cheers to kickin cancer’s ass one day at a time!


I was so excited to finally put all my hair up. I posted this pic on Instagram back in July.

This was taken on Father's Day. My God, I love this man.

This was taken on Father’s Day. My God, I love this man.

My sissy pantalones graduated from USF! So pround of her!

My sissy pantalones graduated from USF! So proud of her!


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